Monday, January 6, 2020

Creativity in secondary school Free Essay Example, 1500 words

An artist sees a way when there is an ‘aha! ’ moment (Jalongo, 1999). Secondary schools education should be based around this principle where the students figure things out for themselves through their ‘aha! ’ moment. Connecting the right and the left side of the brain can help learn better. The students should look for cues for getting inspirations from various processes, designs and objects in their surroundings. The focus should be on creating links between two apparently disconnected objects or ideas. Creativity does not exist in thin air, it stems from a seed (idea) or inspiration. Left and Right Brain Illustration (huffingtonpost. com, 2014) The link between different concepts is important in learning. When teachers ask students to critique arts the question about the social background and its history in which it grew comes into question (Capel, Leask, & Turner, 2005). The students connect one concept with another. In theory, giving secondary school children more choices can significantly enhance their creative abilities. An immediate impact would be that they will appear distinct from those children that are given a script for their decisions. Their ‘choices’ are limited. We will write a custom essay sample on Creativity in secondary school or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now To give them more options and the freedom to choose will encourage them to make more connections between apparently disconnected objects, and they overcome learning obstacles through creative process. Secondary school children need to have a physical environment that stimulates their creative juices. It is a little harder to reshape the physical environment and the teaching methodology for secondary school children compared to elementary school children Arts and creativity form a core concept in the basic development of children. They ‘play’ with building blocks and ‘figure out’ possibilities of constructing a structure. The teacher would ask them questions about the possibilities of using an object. In secondary schools the curriculum and the subjects are relatively rigid. Usually it is assumed to have narrow learning pattern. The process of arts and creativity needs to be encompassed within subjects such as science, technology, mathematics, engineering etc. Arts and creativity infused in such skill sets can help the students in the long run regarding their career and personal fulfilment. Teaching assistants or TAs can be helpful in bolstering creativity. They work alongside teachers assisting students on individual and group basis (Hughes, 2009). Singapore and Korea offer great education models where the focus is on creativity and critical thinking (Vincent-Lancrin, 2013).

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